Experimental Riders

This post is in progress. I intend to continue to add to and refine this post.

This photo is of the group that made the trip to Yellowston in the summer of 1896. To my knowledge no photos exist which identify the men.

John Findley - the Corps mechanic. He had worked for the Imperial Bicycle works in Chicago and was invaluable. When somebody had a breakdown he would fix it. Sometimes he staid up all night making repairs (see put date here) I think he is the first person on the far left because that bicycle has a metal box afixed to the handle bars. Findley rode both summers.

Elwood Forman (fourth rider from the left in group picture) Played baseball (pictured in uniform) for the 25th in the early 1890s . Foreman rode both summers. Moss claims that when, during the Yellowstone trip, a tourist asked Forman where the men were headed, Forman replied "The Lord only knows -- we're just following the lieutenant."

Mingo Sanders - We know the most about Sanders because of his later involvement in the Brownsville Raid.

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