Pvt. Eugene Jones

“Of the twenty soldiers who left Fort Missoula, nineteen reached St. Louis in good health. Pvt. Eugene Jones, Co. “H”, who claimed to be ill and unable to ride, was sent back to Fort Missoula from St. Joe, Mo. I have every reason to believe this soldier was merely feigning illness, thinking I would sent him the rest of the way to St. Louis by rail. As he had given me trouble on several occasions I thought it would be best for the public service to send him back to his station.”
- Lt. Moss, Report to Adjutant General [pg. 5] September 1, 1897

During the fighting at El Caney, in Cuba in which Spaniards were driven from a fort, Eugene Jones (Co. G) was wounded.
- Buffalo Soldier Regiment, John Nankivell pg. 83
[Moss was in command of Company G.]

Jones' wound was "very slight" on the side of his abdomen.
- Memories of the Campaign of Santiago, James A. Moss, et al pg. 67

1889 Register of Enlistments
On September 11, 1889, Eugene Jones enlisted at Evansville, Indiana. Jones was born sometime around September 1868 at Cypress Dell, Indiana. In this record he was 21 and a "laborer". He was attached to the 25th Infantry, Company H. On December 10, 1892 he was discharged at Fort Missoula, Montana with a rank of "Pvt." and rating "good"

1893 Register of Enlistments

On February 11, 1893 Eugene Jones enlisted at Ft. Missoula, Montana for a 5 year term. Jones was 24 years 5 months old. His occupation is listed as "soldier" and he is described as having brown eyes, black hair and a black complexion. His height is listed as 5' 10". Jones was attached to the 25th Infantry, Company H. He was discharged on February 10, 1898 at Ft. Missoula, Montana with the rank of "Pvt." and the ranking "Good"

1898 Register of Enlistments
Eugene Jones re-enlisted on February 16, 1898 at Ft. Missoula, Montana for 3 year period. He was 29 years 5 months old at this enlistment. He is described as having brown eyes, black hair and a d. chocolate complexion. He served in the 25th Infantry, Company G and M. He was discharged November 27, 1898 from Fort Logan, Colorado with the rank Corporal and rating "Excellent".

1899 Register of Enlistments
Jones re-enlisted on September 17, 1899 at Louisville, Kentucky. He was 32 years old. He was a part of the 25th Infantry, Company G. In July 1902 he was discharged at Manila, P.I. His rank was "Pvt." and "Char. not obtainable"

1900 Census - Iba, Philippine Islands, Military and Naval Forces
In this record, Jones is a private with a residence "Chicago, Illinois 2833 State St.". He is a black male born September 1862 [this must be wrong]. He is 31 years old and divorced. His birthplace is Indiana. Both his parent's were born in Kentucky. He can read and write.

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