Pvt. George Scott

1894 Register of Enlistments
Registered at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on November 3, 1894 for a three year commitment. Scott was born in Columbus, Ohio around October 1870 and his occupation is listed as "teamster". He is described as having dark eyes, black hair and a mulatto complexion (also "brown" in 1900). He was 5' 7" tall. He was discharged on November 3, 1897 at Fort Missoula, Montana as a private. His character was rated "very good".

1897 Register of Enlistments
November 4, 1897 Scott signed up for another three year enlistment at Fort Missoula. He was 27 years old. He was assigned to the 25th Infantry Co. F. February 15, 1899 he was with the Hospital Corps. He was discharged November 3, 1900 at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, still a private. His character was rated "fair".

1900 Register of Enlistments
In 1900 Scott reenlisted at Denver, Colorado for another 3 years. He was discharged November 26, 1902 from Fort Niobrara, Nebraska as a private. He was attached to the 25th Infantry, Company M. His character was rated "good".

1903 Register of Enlistments
In 1903 Scott reenlisted at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and his occupation was listed as "teamster". He was discharged July 14, 1905.

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