Pvt. Hiram L.B. Dingman

[picture from Colorado State Archives]

Hiram L B Dingman was born sometime around June 1865 (1900 Census says, June 1868) in Pennington, New Jersey. In the Register of Enlistments he is described as having brown eyes, black hair and a brown (also: black complexion. He was 5' 8 1/2" in height. He died on 8 May 1937 and is buried in Sect. 5 Site 6695 of the Little Rock National Cemetary (2523 Confederate Blvd.)

1887 Register of Enlistment
Signed up for 5 years at New York City on September 26, 1887. His age was given as 22 while his eyes were described as being brown and his occupation was "laborer". His hair was black and his complexion was brown. He was with the 9th Cavalry Company E. Dingman was discharged December 2, 1890 at Fort Washakie, Wyoming with the rank of private. His character is described as "good"

1893 Register of Enlistment
Enlisted for 5 years on March 28, 1893 at Fort Omaha, Nebraska. His occupation is listed as laborer and he was assigned to the 9th Cavalry. He was discharged June 27, 1896 at Ft. Robinson, Nebraska with the rank of private and his character is described as "good"

1896 Register of Enlistment
Enlisted Oct. 4, 1896 at Fort Crook, Nebraska. He is now with the 25th Infantry. He was discharged June 17, 1899 at Fort Logan with the rank of sergeant and his character was described as "excellent". His height is listed as 5' 9 3/4" and his eyes are described as brown. His hair and complexion are listed as being black.

1899 - Colorado Marriages, 1859-1900
On 15 August, 1899, Hiram L.B. Dingman married Jeanette Beaty in Arapahoe County.

1900 U.S. Census - Arapaho County, Denver, Colorado
Dingman was living in Arapaho County in Denver City, Colorado. He was 31 years old, born June 1868 and married to a 23 year-old named Jeanette. Jeanette's birthdate is listed as September 1876. Hiram and Jeanette had been married six months and had a daughter named Edith Cox, who was born in March 1894. Hiram B., Jeannette and Edith are are listed as "B" (black). Dingman's birthplace is New Jersey and his father's Canada. No birthplace is listed for his mother. He was a "day laborer". He and his wife could read and write. His six-year old daughter was in school.

Record of Convicts When Received in the Colorado State Penitentiary, Colorado State Archives
Hiram L.B. Dingman - When convicted: July 20, 1905; When Received: July 30, 1905; Crime: Grand larceny; Sentence: 1 to 1 1/2 years; County Sent From: Denver; Age: 40; Height: 5' 8 1/4"; Weight: 166; Complexion: negro; Color of eyes: d. brown; Color of Hair: black; Occupation: Teamster; Where Born: Pennington, New Jersey; Name of Parents and Residence: Dead; Discharged: June 16, 1906; Married: Yes; Name of Wife or Husband and Where Living: Janet Dingman #1925 Wewatta St. Denver; Read: Yes; Write: Yes; Temperate: no; Tobacco: yes; Prison Before: no [Dingman's signature]
The address that is given is today a major intersection in downtown Denver, a stone's throw from Coor's Field, home of major league baseball team, the Rockies. It also appears that Dingman had an accomplice. In the State Penitentiary record the man listed above Dingman's name was convicted and received of the same crime at the same time, also in Denver. His name was Charles O'Donnell.

1910 U. S. Census - Denver, Colorado
Hiram and Jennie Dingman live on 338 Huron Street, which appears to be an Italian neighborhood as all the other people on this particular census page are Italian. Edith Cox is listed as a 15 year old "roomer". Hiram (45 years old) and Jennie (30 years old) have been married ten years. All three as marked as being black. Hiram was born in New Jersey as was his mother. His father was English Canadian. Jennie was born in Missouri, her father in Maryland and her mother in Delaware. Jennie is the mother of one living child. Edith was born in Colorado. Hiram's occupation is building laborer and Jennie's is "none".

Colorado State Archives - Corrections Records 1871 - 1973
What is this!? Last Name, First Name --Inmate Number: Dingman, Hiram L B -- 6375
Inmates numbers between 5591 and 12493 served between 11/28/1902 and 4/22/1924
according to http://www.colorado.gov/dpa/doit/archives/pen/history.htm#Prisoner%20Records

1925- Missouri Marriage Records, Jackson County

Application No. 21068. Hiram L.B. Dingman, of Fifield (sp?) Monroe County Iowa married Virgil Langum (2411 Mich.) of Kansas City, Jackson County on 23 December, 1925. Hiram is 49 years old and Virgil is 29.

1925 Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925, Marion, Polk County
H.L.B. Dingman listed as head of the house. He is a "colored" male who is 66 years-old and born in Canada. His wife is Ella Dingman, also colored and 39 years old. H.L.B.'s father is listed as Lewis B. Dingman with birthplace unknown. His mother is also Canadian born and named Caroline Rattibe (sp?). Ella's parents are William Parish and Hattie Harris, both born in Missouri. Dingman is listed as being a veteran of the Army (enlisted at N.Y.), an "unclassified laborer" and a Baptist. Ella is listed as a domestic and a Christian. H.L.B. is recorded as a "Naturalized Citizen" having lived in the U.S. for 50 years and Iowa 20 years. Both Ella and H.L.B. attended rural high schools. H.L.B reaching a 6th grade level and Ella 8th.

1927 - US National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938 - Record #31273

On July 14, 1927, Hiram L.B. Dingman was admitted to the "Old Soldiers Home" (aka Western Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers) in Leavenworth, Kansas. He was suffering from chronic bronchitis. Hiram was discharged May 19, 1929. The cause of his discharge was listed as "OR". This record lists Dingman's military history:
Time and Place of Enlistment:
Sept. 26, 1877 New York, NY PVT. Co. E in the 9th Cavalry. He was discharged with the rank of corporal on September 25, 1892 from Fort Washakie, Wyoming.
November 1892 he enlisted at Fort Omaha, Nebraska with a rank of private in Co. E in the 9th Cavalry. He was discharged with the rank of PVT on November 1895 at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.
August 28, 1896 Dingman enlisted at Fort Crook, Nebraska with a rank of private in Co. L of the 25th Infantry. He was discharged at Ft. Logan, Colorado on June 17, 1899 with the rank of Sergeant. The cause of his discharge was listed as "G.O. 40"

Dingman's domestic history is listed as:
Birthplace: New Jersey/Age: 67/Height: 5' 8"/ Complexion: Dark/ Color of Eyes: Brown/ Color of Eyes: Brown/ Color of Hair: Black/ Read and Write: Yes/ Religion: Prot./ Occupation: Laborer/ Residence Subsequent to Discharge: Kansas City, MO/ Married/ Name and address of Nearest Relative: Wife Virgil Dingman, 1323 Paseo Kansas City

1930 Census
There is a record for "Hearl L." and Virgil Dingman in the US Census for Jackson County, Kansas City District 38. "Hearl" (I think this is Hiram, in spite of huge age discrepancy) and his wife are living at 1324 Tracy Avenue with an eight-year old son named James. "Hearl" is 52 years-old (born in 1865 --which would make him 65 in 1930) and a "negro". He was 42 at his first marriage while Virgil was 22. Both are listed as being able to read and write. He was born in "United States" as were his parents. Virgil and her parents are listed as being born in Missouri. His occupation is listed as "common laborer" while she is a private family cook. A code number 7899 (census indexed number for a laborer") is given for Hearl and 6096 (a domestic cook) given for Virgil. Hearl is listed as a veteran of the Spanish-American War.

Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950
Dingman, Hiram L 05/08/1937 GARL County

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca. 1775-2006

Hiram L B Dingman
8 May 1937
Little Rock National Cemetery 2523 Confederate Boulevard Little Rock, Arkansas
Buried At: Section 5 Site 6695

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