The Riders listed by Company

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Lt. James A. Moss - commander
James N. Kennedy - assistant surgeon
Eddie Boos - newspaper reporter
  1. Sgt. Mingo Sanders, Co. B
  2. Lance Cpl. William Haynes*, Co. F
  3. Lance Cpl. Abram Martin, Co. B
  4. Musician Elias Johnson, Co. F
  5. Pvt. John Findley*, Co. F
  6. Pvt. George Scott, Co. F
  7. Pvt. Hiram L.B. Dingman, Co. F
  8. Pvt. Travis Bridges, Co. F
  9. Pvt. John Cook, Co. B
  10. Pvt. Frank L. Johnson*, Co. B
  11. Pvt. William Proctor*, Co. B
  12. Pvt. Elwood Forman*, Co. H
  13. Pvt. Richard Rout, Co. H
  14. Pvt. Eugene Jones, Co. H
  15. Pvt. Sam Johnson, Co. G
  16. Pvt. William Williamson, Co. G
  17. Pvt. Sam Williamson, Co. G
  18. Pvt. John Wilson, Co. G
  19. Pvt. Samuel Reid, Co. G
  20. Pvt. Francis Button, Co. G

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