Lance Corporal William J. Haynes

cropped from Bicyclists on Minerva Terrace; photo by F. Jay Haynes - used by permission of Montana Historical Society-unauthorized use prohibited

1870 Census
William Haynes was born in Micanopy, Florida in May 1866. His parents were named Arthur and Clarasy. In 1870, Arthur was a 35 year old black man working on a farm. He was born in South Carolina and could not read or write. His wife was 26, kept house, was born in South Carolina and could not read or write. Haynes had two sisters, Laura (9) and Margaret (7) and two brothers, Adam (4) and Samuel (1). William was 5.

1880 Census
lists a "William Hane". The following information is given:
Residence: Precinct 12, Alachua Florida Birth place: Florida, United States
Father: Arthur Hane Father birth place: South Carolina
Mother: Clarissa Mother birth place: Georgia
Race: black Age: 14 Occupation Working home

1910 Census
Single in Luzon, Philippines; residence in U.S. - Archer, Alachua Co. Florida

different 1910 Census
Washington State, Spokane Carr Precinct 29th April, 1910
William Haynes, age 41 (b. 1869) married to Zad, age 25 (b. 1885). William born a U.S. soldier born in Florida. Zad born in Tennessee. They are listed as being married 7 years. They have two children, William Jr. (age 6) and Henry (age 4), both born in Oklahoma. BUT, both William and Zad are listed as WHITE! This must be Haynes as everything but race matches.

1910 - death of a son of Haynes
Haynes, Henry Arthur, d. May 27, 1910, Child, Fort George Wright, c/d Drowned, Spokane River, s/o Sgt Wm Haynes, 25th Inf, & Zaida Haynes (24-5)
Fort George Wright Cemetery Spokane County, Washington

Company F
Enlistment Records:
Born: May 1866 in Micanopy, FL
First occupation: Laborer
Eyes: Brown 1 Hair: black Complexion: dark brown Height: 5' 8"

Enlisted on 30 October in 1889 at August, GA; 1894 at Ft. Missoula; 1897 at Fort Missoula;
1900 at Ida, Philippine Islands; 1903 at Ft. Riley, KS; 1906 at Ft. Bliss, TX and 1909 at Ft.George Wright, WA.

Discharged on 29 October in 1894 "very good"; 1897 Private "good"; 1900 1st Sergeant "excellent"; 1903 1st Sergeant "excellent"; 1906 Sergeant "excellent"; 1909 "excellent"; 1912 Sergent "excellent"
"Haynes ranked highly as a rifle marksman and was described as an extremely capable noncommissioned officer.

1920 Census Kay County, Ponca Ward 1, Cross township, Oklahoma
lists a "Will J. Haynes" living on 717 South 1st Street. He is a black 53 year old male. He is listed as being married but there is no indication of a wife in the census. His parents birthplaces are listed as South Carolina and his birthplace is listed as Florida. His occupation is listed as city laborer.

Register for U.S. National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938
lists William J. Haynes (Reg. Estb.) S.A.W.
His enlistments are summarized:

Oct 30, 1889 Augusta, GA Rank: Sergt. Co. J 25th U.S. Inf.
Oct. 30, 1894 Ft. Missoula Rank: P. Co. J 25th U.S. Inf.
Oct 30, 1897 Ft. Missoula, MT Rank: 1st Sergt. Co. J 25 U.S. Inf.
Oct 30, 1900 Batalom Z.A.M. P.I. Rank: 1st Sergt.
Oct. 30, 1903 Ft. Riley, Kansas Rank: 1st Sergt.
Oct. 30, 1906 Ft. Bliss, Texas Rank: Sgt. Maj.
Oct. 30, 1909 Ft. Geo. Wright, Wash. Rank Sergt. Co. G U.S. Inf.

According to this record, Haynes was admitted to the "Old Soldier's Home" (aka Western Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers) at Leavenworth, Kansas on December 21, 1920. At the time of his admission he was suffering from mitral insufficiency, chronic bronchitis, anal fistulas, chronic parenchymatous (sp?) and nephritis. The record gives the following information:

Where born: Florida Age: 54/ Height: 5'8"/ Complexion: Black Negro/ Color of Eyes: Black/ Color of Hair: Black/ Read and Write: Yes/ Religion: Prot. / Occupation: Laborer/ Residence Subsequent to Discharge: Ponca City, Okla/ Married Name and Address of Nearest Relative: Zadia Haynes, 21 S. Compton Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Rate of Pension: ---/ Date of Admission, Re-Admission and Transfer: Ad Des. 21, 1920 W. Br./
Date of Death: March 5, 1921/ Cause of Death: Hypertrophic Cardiac Dilatatis

Haynes effects, which were appraised at a value of $11.12 were "shipped by American Express to Mrs. Zadia Haynes, 4/7/21 to 21[0?] S. Compton Ave. St. Louis, Mo."

William J. Haynes is buried at the Levenworth National Cemetery in Leavenworth, KS: Row 6, Section 34, Grave 65 [01?]

US Veterans Gravesites, ca. 1775-2006
Wm J Haynes SGT MAJ US Army
Died 5 March, 1921 Leavenworth National Cemetery Section 34 Row 8 Site 16

According to her death certificate [Missouri],wife, Zadia, died January 3, 1929 in St. Louis. She had lived at 3215 [Lirea?- I can't read this] St.

Haynes, Zadia obituary - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1929 Burial permit 1/19 p10


  1. At her death, Zadia Haynes' address was 3615 Lucas Street in St. Louis, Mo.

    1. Thanks for clarifying that address. I believe I have more on Haynes, I just haven't had time to put it up on the site.